CanWest Industrial

Our Vision

For several years now, CanWest has been heavily involved in keeping the skilled trades industries going strong all across Canada. We are no strangers to the troubles that economic hardships can bring to our every corner of the country, and shortages of skilled trades workers doesn’t help matters either.

Since CanWest was founded, it has been our vision to create an economically sustainable environment for our clients by offering the best service at the best rates in our industry. Our database of more than 10,000 skilled trades workers from Coast to Coast helps us maintain this vision, giving our clients immediate access to a large percentage of the national work force.

By offering our clients an end-to-end solution, you save hundreds of thousands of dollars and unimaginable amounts of time – anything you need is just a phone call away. With regional offices spread throughout Canada and into the United States, we have built our business on our reputation for being the best by surrounding ourselves with the best.

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  • Available Trades Workers: 578
  • Current Number of Projects: 87